Slam one more door, I dare you

Life seems to be slamming a lot of doors in my face lately. I feel like every door I walk through I feel an imaginary hand grab my arm and pull me backwards. Before I realize what is going on, the door I was trying to get into is being shut. I believe in good and bad karma, belief that what you put into this world is what you will get back. I say God Bless you to a stranger when they sneeze, tell people when they have dropped money or important things on the ground and even greater acts like praying to my Lord and Savior. Unfortunately lately, all of those good acts of karma I nonchalantly do on a daily basis do not seem to be winning me any extra good luck in my life. It can be very discouraging to constantly stick your neck out and hope to find the best in someone and be let down. When you think about it almost everything we need to survive is in the hands of someone else, hoping they won’t kill us on the way. For example, getting in the car and driving the grocery store. We put our seat belts on and look both ways before turning and trusting that all other cars around us are doing the same. We trust and hope that everyone around will bless us when we sneeze, and to let us know if we dropped our $20 on the sidewalk. It’s when it starts to get to the bigger things in life where the true acts of kindness are shown. How can we expect someone to do something for us just because we are putting out good vibes into the world? Are we really ‘good people’ because we say God Bless you and tell someone they dropped their ID? I would think with the amount of good and laughter I try to spread, the disgusting amount of love I give to friends, family, boyfriends and even animals is enough. But, news flash Alex… it’s not. The universe has a way of making you continue to do those good things so you’ll keep a hold of that hope that in return the universe will bless you with an open door. Whether it’s a job you’ve been dreaming of, finally finding the boy/girl you’ve been waiting for, winning the lottery, or even waking up on the right side of the bed. We expect and think we deserve the best. That’s a great way to think, but from my perspective lately it’s the wrong way to think. Doors are being slammed in my face left and right. I seem to be kicked when I’m down and asking the universe what the hell did I do to deserve this? Was it because I forgot to bless that old woman at Target yesterday? (There was a woman I forgot to bless and I felt very terrible about it) But it must be. It has to be because we have upset the universe. I can’t bring myself to believe that what we get is based off of luck. I understand a lot of hard work goes into jobs, building a life, a family etc. but it also must have to do with what we put out. These doors of life are getting in my way, and I have decided not to let them continue being slammed on me and being told no, but to kick the damn door down and tell them God Bless You.


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